About Us

Concept Behind Logo

Our logo is what we stand for – royal, majestic, and top of the world lifestyle. When you look at the logo, they are simply the initials of Imperial Lifestyle. But there’s more to it.

It also looks like the top of buildings that show what industry we belong in. In short, our logo itself tells you what Imperial Lifestyle will bring to you. There’s also a hidden meaning behind our logo.The logo looks like a crown which denotes the royalty and majestic feel that you get in our properties. Along with that, the logo also looks like the tip of a pen. It means that we’ll always be on point and top of our game to provide the best in the industry.

Meaning Behind the Choice of Colours:

While choosing the colours, we were majorly biased with Golden and Maroon hues. Golden denotes success, and that’s what we want for you. Along with that, the gold colour of the crown also talks about high status and prestige.Maroon is a warm colour surrounding the crown that evokes the feeling of passion, creativity, and at the same time relaxation and beauty. This is what our brand stands for – a complete lifestyle.

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