Channel Partner Registration Form

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1.The marketing Agent must be registered with the Imperial Lifestyle Pvt Ltd to interact with the company and to enjoy designed privileges..

  • Registration Procedure: -
  • I. Make an application<
  • II. Submit PAN and Aadhar Card.
  • 2. A Copy of pan card of brokerage company/ person must be submitted to the head office during registration.

    3. Commission shall be paid as per the policies designed by Imperial Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.

    4. All payments shall be made after deductions of applicable taxes and subject to applicable policies and regulations.

    5. 50./. brokerage will be given after agreement and 50./. payment received. Rest on possession.

    6. In the event that the booking is cancelled/terminated, channel partner confirms that he/she/they shall refund the commission within 30days of the company raising a demand for such refund. If such amount is not refunded, the company can be entitled to pursue all remedies available in law of recovery of such money and the said money shall act as secured debt on the Channel Partner. The company shall be entitled to adjust such refund amount against any amount payable by the company or its sisters’ concerns to the Channel Partner (and/ or its sisters concerns)

    7. The booking will only be validated after the booking agreement has been signed by both parties.

    8. All payments follow ups for the customer has to be executed by the agent.

    9. It is the agent's duty to keep themselves up to date with the proceedings of the project. This way customers query can be dealt with ease.

    10. The Channel Partners confirms that he/she/they has no authority to accept any payment or issue any receipt on behalf of the company. The company shall not be responsible for any payment(s) till such that time at receipt for the said payment is issued by the Company.

    11. The Channel Partner confirms that he/she/they are not authorized to issue any statement or make any written communication in relation to the Company and/or its Project. All bookings shall solely be governed by the terms of the Application Form and /or Agreement signed between the Company and the Customer.

    12. Channel Partners association with customer will only be valid up to 6 months from the first site visit. After the lapse of such date, customer does not have to be associated with the agent.

    13. Any promotional activity (print, hoarding, e-mails etc.) should be approved from the Directors of the Company.

    14. The Company is authorized to make any changes to the Terms and Conditions of the applicable as it may deem fit and the Channel Partner confirms that all such changes shall be binding on him/ her/it.

    2. The Marketing Agent must be registered with the Imperial lifestyle Pvt Ltd to interact with company and to enjoy designed privileges.

    3. The Marketing Agent must be registered with the Imperial lifestyle Pvt Ltd to interact with company and to enjoy designed privileges.