About Us

About Us

Imperial lifestyle was established in 1999 and has since then provided homes to thousands of families who today enjoy financial stability and a sense of belonging. That’s what we build…. we offer you a complete lifestyle.

Since our establishment, we have completed several township projects covering over 59 lakh sq. ft. in Vasai, Nalasopara, and Boisar. We did start as a budget homes market but have evolved in providing a luxurious all-around lifestyle to our clients.

As an environmentally responsible developer, we centre the impact of our operations on the surroundings. We pay special attention to the materials, energy-efficient appliances, power management technology, and inclusion of extensive landscaping to pay our homage to the environment.

Our Mission Is To…

Create and provide innovative lifestyle projects through the optimisation of capital investments, rich resources, and human expertise.

Our Vision Is To…

Build a quality accessible lifestyle to sustain a healthy environment and community with excellence and integrity.



We are responsible and ethical in our business endeavours.

Mutual Respect

We treat each other and everyone with honesty and respect. What we have and what we will achieve is completely through our team’s efforts.


We understand that passion is something that differentiates a good work from a masterpiece. And we believe in attempting for the latter one.

Customer Focus

We are dedicated to understanding our customers’ needs. Customer satisfaction stays our number one priority.

Environmentally And Socially Responsible

We recognise our responsibility towards the betterment of the environment and society.

Family Home

We have seen people buy their first home. We have also seen them buy their family home for a complete lifestyle. And that’s our journey.

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