We value you and your support. We believe there is no advertising that is superior to the brand promotion by our customers. As someone who has trusted us with building their home, their satisfaction, happiness and delight is enormously important to us. And as a token of appreciation, we would like to introduce you to the Imperial Loyalty and Referral programme.

A friend or a family member looking to buy a home? What better advice can you give, than referring them to an Imperial residence! They too will benefit from the expertise, trust, appreciation and of course, the thoughtfulness of Imperial Lifestyle.

Should you feel the need to consider a second (or maybe even a third) real estate investment, you need to look no further. With multiple world-class developments panning the length and breadth of VVCMC Zone, we have something for everyone. From inspiring Egyptian Themed Elevations to the best integrated Complexes, everything you will ever need in real estate is just a call away.

We have fabulous referral rewards for both, you and your friends and family! But the best reward you will get is the gratitude and happiness that your friends and family will shower on you for helping them choose an Imperial home.

Welcome to a world of happiness, welcome to your very own loyalty program.

As a member of this programme, you can enjoy a host of promotion offers and privileges, all of them crafted specifically for you.

   - Invitation for special preview of our new projects

   - Enjoy top priority in case of any special offers, events and promotions

   - An opportunity to be a part of a unique reward program

How does our Loyalty and Referral programme work?

The program has been exclusively designed for our members. All you have to do is recommend us to any of your friends, members of your family or colleagues. If any of them books an apartment with us, you and the person recommended, will be rewarded!

If you want to buy another property with us?

We will be happy to welcome you back! Our Loyalty and Referral programme also rewards customers who choose to re-invest with us. Never before offers at never-before prices are waiting for you!

How do you refer?

It’s as easy as A-B-C!

   A: Fill up the form and then provide the name, email address and mobile number of your friend or family member who wishes to buy a home.

   B: We will speak to your friends and family and introduce them to the world of Imperial. We will also not forget to inform them that since they have been referred by an existing Imperial member, they have some very special benefits!

   C: Once the person you have referred buys a residence with us, you get rewarded too!

So, don’t wait! Start referring right away!

Hold on! What are your benefits?

We have a range of special rewards only for you and your friends! The rewards will depend on the type of residence and the number of references you have given us. We will be sharing a detailed rewards ladder shortly! Meanwhile, you can call us on 8080440022 or write us at contact@shreeganeshbuilders.com to know about your specific rewards.